Monday, October 12, 2009

Today's route: Shamwari to Port Elizabeth 87 miles

The day started off early with a game drive. Finally, the weather was just magnificent and the view from the lodge before leaving was great.

On the drive today we had a specific gpoal of finding rhino and leopard, but right out the gates we came upon a pride of lion - the male having just eaten a warthog. Moving on, we searched the area high on the ridge for the leopard - she had a cub three weeks ago and has it hidden in one of the caves while she hunts. We never found her, but we had a great view.

With no leopard in sight, we stopped and had coffee in the bush.

We found a family of white rhino just before returning to the camp for breakfast - a good one of boereword, egg, toast etc - typically South African!

After breakfast we left for Port Elizabeth, but the car ran terribly. It was clearly a fuel issue. I had the carburetor rebuilt just before shipping the car, but something was clearly wrong with it = and I had struggelled with it all along - fuel starvation. So, on the side of the dirt road, Bill Kennedy, Bill Vatter, myself and Karl (local) took the whole thing apart and found the problem - the rebuilder has forgotten to put a spring on the high speed needle. Karl furnished one, and we reassembled the thing.

Back on the road, we almost flew to Port ELizabeth - the car was running very well. It's a short drive, and great to see the ocean again. PE is a fairly large city. We parked and I needed a few things from an auto parts store - a local heard me say that and offered to drive me and off we went. Uon return, we serviced the car and went in for a shower and dinner.

The view from the room is great.

Tomorrow, off the Knysna via Plettenberg Bay.

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