Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Knysna to the Heads and Wilderness

Today's route: Knysna to the Heads and Wilderness approx 70 miles

Today was a rest day at the Belvedere Manor - the wonderful hotel we are staying in at Knysna,

After an outdoor breakfast,we set out for the Heads - the two huge outcrops that form the entrance from the Indian Ocean to the Knysna lagoon. We drove up and up to reach the Visitor Lookoput point. The view is stunning - the town of Knysna, the harbor and lagoon and of course the pocean and hazard filled coastline. It's a great drive up and a slightly nerve racking drive down in an old car!

After a quick stop in town to look around, we headed out to Wilderness for lunch. Karl, a dairy farmer and mechanic is travelling with us on the tour to take care of cars that need it, and has a wonde4rful farm in Wilderness, about 50 km from Knysna. The drive is lovely - ocean on one side and mountains and lakes on the other.

Karl and his wife Tilly had prepared a fantastic lunch of salads and braai'd meat, breads and desert - great food at a very relaxed and beautiful location. We sat in the garden at their house on the farm, surrounded by fields of cows - some of whom calved while we we there. Also the first time I had tried fresh - straight from the cow milk - unpateurised. Delicious.

After arriving back at the hotel this evening, some minor car work and then another braai'd dinner - boerewors, lamb, chicken etc. And pudding.

Weather has ben great for a few days - sunny and hot.

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