Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shipping to South Africa

We took the car to the loading facility in Savannah, Georgia on Monday.

After securing the car to the open trailer, Bill and I (and a friend visiting from Australia) set off early to be there by 1 pm - it's a five hour drive. We stopped every 50 miles or so to check the tie down straps, and aside from one time they

needed tightening, the car was well secured. As we were a little early, we detoured to visit Andy Cayton on his farm just outside Savannah and were treated to a quick ride in his restored vintage Army helicopter.

Arriving at the loading facility, we met up with Mike and Cynthia Sierra - our container mates. Their 1914 Ghost is spectacular. After waiting just a short while, we loaded both cars into the container and their mechanic did a great job of blocking and securing the cars. Ran the car with the fuel turned off to clear the lines, and then closed it all up. Then lunch on the waterfront in historic Savannah, and the drive home.

With the cars on the way, the adventure really begins....

Further posts will begin when the tour starts - Sept 21