Sunday, October 11, 2009

Technical stuff

A couple of technical notes for the car people following this blog:

My car:

After about 5 days of the tour,  I noticed two misfires while driving- when I shut the car down I noticed the car did not run on the magneto - opened that up and found the magneto points destroyed. Pulled out the whole point plate and ran on just the battery ignition for a few days. Bill was able to bring new points with him and once I put those in the magneto worked fine again.

Had to retune the carburetor after I installed the air filter - still was not riht and spent a day or so getting it right.

One flat tire (tube failure) - changed the tube.

Other cars and the repairs done on the tour:

Split wheel rim - unrepaired yet
Failed hand air pump (rebuilt on the tour)
Failed oil pump due to rounded shaft - built up with weld and then ground square - now works
Split battery terminals - replaced

So far, none to bad and all cars still on the tour.


  1. Many thanks for this site to enable us to read what a lovely time you must all be having. It is good to read all the cars are still running. Please pass on our regards to Bernard, Sylvia and Christine. Regards John & Sue

  2. Hi Danni - I am John White's eldest daughter and I am really enjoying following your blog from England - all your photos are wonderful and it looks like it is a most successful trip - lovely photo of my mom and dad!!
    regards Genevieve Spalding

  3. Great to follow the trip - looks great glad to see all the great photo's - if you have a chance please pass my love on Keith Wherry (my father !!!) and Marie - enjoy the rest of the trip