Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dundee to Champaigne Castle

Todays route: 100 miles

Today we left Dundee headed on a short drive to Champaigne Castle in the Drakensburg Mountains.  Bill drove at first, then I took over.

Intially we were driving through rolling hills, not very steep - bare veld on either side. Once through Ladysmith, it became a little hillier, and then just before arriving at the hotel we encountered a very steep climb - 15% gradient requiring all of low gear.

The mountains are wonderful - high, majestic and today cloud covered - with those clouds that form below the peak and seem like cotton wool on the side of the slopes.

The weather is drizzly - hopefully it will clear up - bu that wetness gives the incredible floral variety such deepness of color it is quite breathtaking.

As always, at every stop or gas station we are mobbed by inquisitive people, all of whom are friendly and usually quite astounded.

This afternoon we will likely go on a hike in the mountains.

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