Friday, October 2, 2009

Champaigne Castle

Today's Route: rest day

Although the day, like yesterday, was overcast and drizzly at Champaigne Castle, we had planned a balloon flight and we determined to get it in. Marc Nuthall, a good friend, had brought his balloon down from Johannesburg as arranged before we left the US.
The Sierras, the Boyntons, the Kennedy's, Bill and I piled into the hotel combi minibus and drove the 40 kms to Winterton to meet Marc. In the valley, although it was overcast, it was dry and dead calm. The flight was great - very, very slow with a net distance travelled of onlya mile or so. No matter, it was great fun - I even got to fly the balloon for a while - a huge 240. After the flight Marc took us to a local B&B for breakfast - very nice place.

After lunch, there was nothing planned, so I worked on the car, and as usual, when someone gets tools out (me in this case), pretty soon everyone is there lending their "helpful" suggestions. One of the hallmarks of these tours are these informal technical sessions around the cars - they are always fun.

Had a nice dinner at the hotel - always lots of good dicussion. These other people from all over the world are really so nice to talk to. Aside from the food, the conversations make dinner realy special

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