Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today's route: None - rest day

We slept a little late as the Royal Villas in Swaziland are conducive to that. After we awoke, we found the day to be grey but dry and fairly warm. So, a nice breakfast, following which I cleaned the magneto out of all the shredded parts and took it "offline".

Jaquie and Lynn Boynton invited us to join them for the day, so we hopped into their car to go visit the local market. 160 shack type stalls, each selling African tourist products. At each stall, you are invited in to look, but the pressure to buy is there as you quickly notice the meagre living conditions of these people. So, always willing to do her part, Linda stocked up on Swazi products!

After the market, we headed off to the Botanical Gardens for lunch. Lovely place, with incredible color. The lunch, as you might imagine by now, was terrific - I finally managed to hold back...well at least until I found the carrot cake. Lunch partners were the Buckinghams and Lord and Lady Laidlaw. Had a great time.

After lunch, by now almost 4pm, we headed back to the villas to relax, the only thing on the agenda being dinner!

Tomorrow, Linda leaves the tour to go back to Atlanta, so I will detour from the tour to go to Ermelo - there I will drop Linda off to meet her brother who is coming down from Johannesburg, bringing Bill "in exchange". Hope he has the magneto parts

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