Thursday, October 8, 2009

Graaff Reinet

Today's route: none - rest day

Today we spent in and around Graaff Reinet, a small but historic town in the Karoo.

An early start saw me checking the brakes and getting quite greasy - all is ok. Then John had arranged for the main street to be shut down so we could all parkl in front of the hotel to have a picture takes.So, after some arrangment we were all lined up, posed and then it was done.

After breakfast we had a real treat offered and several of us chose to participate. John had arranged for us to visit a private fossil collection, so off we went. Stuart, one of the tour organisers drove my car with me and Bill in the dickey seat. It was 30 km away.

On arrival, we found ourselves on the most magnificent farm with Cape Dutch architecure everywhere. It is a huge farm, in the same family since 1820 (original settlers). We were trearted to a lovely tea and then went to the fossil collection. Housed in its own building, this is the largest private colleciton in the world - you cannot imagine it. Huge skulls of dinosaurs and reptiles, all found on the farm. It was stunning.

Back in town we had lunch at a local restaurant wich was very nice. After that, a drive to overlook the Valley of Desolation. Terrific views up a very steep climb and then sunset before returning for dinner.

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  1. Wow the trip looks amazing. Have melktert and scones for me as often as possible.