Friday, September 25, 2009

We are reunited

Today we finally got to the docks to retrieve the cars. After a terrific breakfast, we all boared a large motorcoach and took the trip to thte docks. On arrival, all the containers were in a row, they opened the doors and there they were.

We removed the tie-downs, and pushed Bertie out. Looking pretty good for his trip, I checked out oil etc - but he did not start. A quick fiddle around, and all was well.  We simply drove out the docks - no paperwork at all - John and Stuart had done a magnificent job of organization minimizing our hassle to zero. A quick fill up, and then headed north back to Zimbali Lodge... or so we thought.

Navigating Durban traffic and streets is an excercise in itself. A few wrong turns, but we managed to find the main beach road (Marine Parade) and we knew that would get up back. We had a great 39 mile run back to the hotel - where we parked, lubricated and are ready for our start tomorrow.

We set off around 8.30 am for Ghost Mountain Inn in Mkuzi - about 170 miles or so.

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